Fair Use Causes a Revolution


This week, one of the main topics was the issue of fair use.  As a majorly huge (ie, not-secret-at-all) fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I’ve noticed that his clips, because they are used for entertainment value are often cited as ‘fair use.’

Of course people can get offended by his work. And Fox News has tried, time and time again, to refute his statements but Jon’s just.too.awesome.


(I wish the video was up, sorry guys, but you get the concept!)

But that’s where I think governments should allow the creativity to occur, because, ultimately that’s what gets the dialogue going.  Without dialogue, policy cannot change.  People do not blindly follow orders–as we’ve seen with the Arab Spring (every IC/IM-er’s favourite example), citizens want an opinion and a voice.  They want to interact with their governments instead of hiding.

I’m not sure if that means that we should all become mini-Jon Stewarts (I mean, I certainly am!, but his approach is certainly not for everyone) or if we should figure out a way to write a policy dialogue that is more interactive and allows for flexibility.  In the past, policy was written by governments and people had to fall into line…And then revolutions began to take place, and, little by little, this complete deference to authority was slowly changed.

But then how do we make policy that is flexible without losing the respect of the people?

–Tara (as if you couldn’t already tell)


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