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The brief breakdown of our investigation


Today, more countries desire to become internationalized. We want better understanding of each other. Our main focus is on China and we investigated the new reform policies that China wants to have. We chose to look at their minorities and internationalization policies. One of the most significant minorities in China is Tibetans.The Chinese Education curriculum policies actually affect Tibetans education because Tibetans have different customs and beliefs than Chinese people. The Chinese Education Policy states to have all students be taught with the same materials in schools, but it might hurt Tibetan culture. Now, breaking down the investigation on this, here is what we came up with:

Model: Nationalist-Cultural Model-Preservation of national cultural heritage; Education as infrastructure of solidifying common national-cultural identity; Collectivist; Extensive state intervention; Collective identity interests take precedence over individual rights.

Patterns: China wants to improve their education and become one of the most educated countries in the world. Their competition is Japan since they have found ways to advance with their system. China mentions a lot about wanting internationalization so the students will be able to have a hands on experience with their education. Also, China keeps mentioning that minorities make a big part of their education policies, but only they do not.

Contradictions: China repeatedly mentions in their policy that they will allow minorities to keep their primary language and encourage them to use their own textbooks and materials, but their education policy enforces all students to learn the same materials. They do not match. China wants internationalization, but their internet policy does not match. If China wants to have internationalization, then they must reconsider the regulation of their internet policies.

Who wins/who loses: Actually the Tibetan students (minority) will lose and the Chinese students (majority) will win. These policies seem to satisfy a larger group which is Chinese people. Even if they have policies for minorities, they do not match with the general policies they have for all students. They need to build a new policy system targeting only for minorities and their culture so that way the minorities will still benefit from the education policies.

Recommendations: Bring in Tibetan representatives or teachers to help develop new education policies for the minority group (especially Tibetans). China also needs to discuss with their government how they can achieve the goal of internationalization with the barriers of internet regulation. Most of internationalization begins with the internet, so we are not sure how China plans on achieving that. We recommend them to discuss with the government how they can reach that goal. We also recommend that their education policies to be reviewed again and bring in different representatives from the different parts of China to help contribute to the development of the policies so that way most of the minorities will be able to benefit as well.